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All bookings are per night throughout the year depending on availability.

ACSI card: we accept them from September 1st to June 30th.
Camping Check: we do not accept them anymore.

Mobile home, bungalow, chalet and caravan: juveniles unaccompanied by their parents are not accepted for rentals.

Camping pitches: ju
veniles unaccompanied by their parents are not allowed on the camping pitches.

The PRESTIGE category is equipped with a TV, reversible air conditioner and sheets are provided.
The CLASSIC category does not offer TV or air conditioner and sheets are not provided.

Sheets are provided only for rentals of CARAVANS, CHALETS and Mobil-Homes PRESTIGE.

Towels and dishcloths are not provided.

Your stay must be paid 30 days before your arrival.

Pay by credit card on our website: a code with a direct link on our website will be sent to you by e-mail 30 days before your arrival.

Pay by credit card over the phone: you can contact us directly at this phone number +

It is possible to install multiple tents in one location as long as the total number of occupants does not exceed 6 people. You will be asked, when you make the reservation, the number of tents and their dimensions in order to be able to give you a space big enough to install them comfortably.

We decide on the allocation of locations according to the size of your equipment (include the dimensions of potential awnings) and according to the age or family structure of the participants (youth sector, family sector with children, couple sector without children ).

If you want a specific location, you can indicate it when you make your reservation on our website in the “Note section”. We will allocate it to you if our availability allows us.

Yes, depending on our availability at the time of confirmation of your reservation. It is essential to mention this wish in the section “Remarks stay” before finalizing your reservation on our website.

The closing of the fences is scheduled at 10:00 pm.
The opening of the fences is scheduled at 8:00 am.
After 10:00 pm, the fences close and traffic inside the campsite is strictly forbidden.
After 10:00 pm, cars must be left outside in the public parking located at the entrance of the campsite.

For tent, motor home and caravan pitches, arrival time is from 2:00 pm.
For a rental mobile home, bungalow, chalet or trailer, the arrival is from 4:00 pm.

Early arrivals are not permitted in July and August and for certain periods such as Easter, Pentecost, Halloween, and New Year’s Day. This is to ensure the fluidity of the many departures, the verification of locations and cleanliness of rentals.
In low season, the possibility of an early arrival will be studied on a case by case basis according to our availability the day of your arrival.

In July and August, the reception is open until  8:00 pm and the rest of the year until 06:00 pm.
After the closing of the reception, we have a guard until 10:00 pm.

For motor homes / caravans, we unfortunately cannot give you access to the campsite due to the automatic closing of the fences.
For tent sites, a night watchman will be there to greet you and tell you where you will walk. You will be asked for an ID and will be returned to you the next morning when you come to reception to regularize your registration.

For rentals of mobile home, chalet, bungalow and trailer, please notify us by phone the day of your delay to receive instructions for your arrival and installation. You must also walk to your accommodation and park your car in the public car park at the entrance of the campsite.

1,8km – 25 minutes walk – 15 minutes by bike – 5 minutes by car

1,8km – 25 minutes walk – 15 minutes by bike – 5 minutes by car to the beaches of Pereire, Abatilles or city centre.

1,5km – 20 minutes walk – 10 minutes by bike – 5 minutes by car

12 kms – 45 minutes by bike – 15 minutes by car